Your data is safe with Orfeo

A high-performance, secure infrastructure

The Orfeo platform is hosted by a private cloud, with its own server and network infrastructure and four redundant Internet connections.

The site is hosted on servers dedicated to Orfeo, located in the Paris region. The server hosting sites are equipped with advanced security mechanisms.

Each Orfeo customer’s data is strictly isolated via a logical separation (privacy by design). A series of quality tests and operating procedures are associated with this mechanism.

Orfeo’s application architecture complies with OWASP recommendations. Orfeo is in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 (cybersecurity) certification.

Backup and redundancy

Orfeo’s private cloud is spread over two data centres: a main hosting site and a secondary site. The two sites are located in the Ile-de-France region, 10 km apart.

All network equipment (routers, switches) operates in pairs via different manufacturers. Each server has a dual network connection, with automatic failover in the event of failure.

Data is replicated in real time to another data centre more than 10 km away, which can take over in less than 5 minutes if the main data centre is unavailable, as part of our business continuity plan.

A GDPR-compliant solution

The software solution offered by Orfeo complies strictly with GDPR regulation applicable on 25 May 2018. In this context, you will be responsible for processing the data handled by the Orfeo solution. Orfeo will act as a processor within the meaning of Article 28 of the GDPR.

Orfeo fulfils all the obligations incumbent on it as a subcontractor under GDPR: appointment of a DPO, transparency, traceability, guarantee of the security of the data processed, obligation to provide assistance, alerts and advice.

The Orfeo solution includes a range of mechanisms to enable you to fulfil your responsibilities with regard to the processing of personal data (deletion, anonymisation).

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Orfeo is an innovative software solution for live performance. We have an experienced team to support you every step of the way: analysis, consultancy, data transfer, configuration and user training.

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