Our vision

Bringing the best of digital technology to live performance

Orfeo’s innovative software solution makes life easier for administrative and technical staff in the performing arts, saving them time and improving efficiency so they can better manage and organise their show season.

Our philosophy

Orfeo is the tech innovator dedicated to serving the arts, culture, and performing arts sectors, with a deep-seated affinity for these domains.
An expert in application solutions, Orfeo firmly believes that digital technology can simplify the business processes of organisers of shows and artistic events. Orfeo is innovating by offering a specialised collaborative working platform.

Our ambition

Orfeo’s aim is to provide the most innovative online software solution specifically designed to organise, schedule, develop and manage all live performance activities, staff, equipment and events.
By developing the benchmark technological solution, Orfeo aims to contribute to the digital transition and the success of organisations and companies in the performing arts and culture sectors.

Our team

A team of 20 professionals with a passion for live performance and a love of art and culture.
Based in Rennes – right next to the station – the Orfeo team cultivates a culture of listening, responsiveness and efficiency, and provides daily support to its clients – companies, tour organisers, venues, orchestras and opera companies, talent agents and ensembles.
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Our story

In 2015, we launched the Orfeo project and hired our first employees. Today, we’re delighted to be supporting more than 500 customers … and, thanks to you, we’ll continue to do so.